S.O.S. The Good Ship VCFA is now without a captain !

On March 16th, 2010 VCFA announced that Jessica Lutz, Co-Founder and Director of the MFA in Visual Art program, is no longer on staff.

This event serves as a distress call to take collective action NOW.

Let our collective voices speak loud and clear. Hold the administration accountable for keeping the VCFA legacy alive!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gary's Reply

Craig, I hope you'll forgive me for letting my communication drop off when you altered my first message by posting it with a context-changing headline as part of your polemical effort.

As Tom and I have said a number of times to you and others, and I won't redundantly restate again after today, the College is founded on student-centered pedagogy used in all three of our MFA programs and copiously described in our handbooks and catalogue, and on our website. Perhaps most to the point at present, this commitment is expressed anew in a new Visual Art print piece created with faculty help and destined to be in your mailbox, and that of all alums for whom we have good street addresses, soon. If evidence of commitment is what you really want, this new print piece should provide it.

The change in staffing recently made at the college had and has nothing to do with any changes in the pedagogy of the Visual Art program, whose students are now and will continue to be taught in the same manner as has been current in the program for years.

With best wishes,

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