S.O.S. The Good Ship VCFA is now without a captain !

On March 16th, 2010 VCFA announced that Jessica Lutz, Co-Founder and Director of the MFA in Visual Art program, is no longer on staff.

This event serves as a distress call to take collective action NOW.

Let our collective voices speak loud and clear. Hold the administration accountable for keeping the VCFA legacy alive!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Letter to Gary

April 7th, 2010

Greetings Gary -

It's been over 3 weeks since I've asked the questions below, and I have not received an answer. I and many other alumni are looking for something tangible from the administration right now. To date, we have received only platitudes. Please take a moment to provide specific details to your previous written commitments to the program, pedagogy, alumni and most of all, to current and future students.


***************** original 3 questions ****************

1. Address the ways in which you will continue to support students in their development. Specifically address your commitment to students in helping them determine their own educational values and describe how you will help them achieve self-initiated ideas of progress and professionalism.

2. As you may know, the pedagogy of the program is based on the principal that the creation and reception of art resides within a social context, and that the process of making art should be as valued as the art object itself, if not more so. Describe your commitment to this pedagogy and explain what steps you have taken to make sure it remains in place.

3. Describe the ways in which you will maintain having the program be student centered. Specifically, address the role of the administration in working with faculty in the support of the student being at the center of the program. Please provide an example that will illustrate this support during the next residency.

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